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    Benefit Grace period

    My partner has just lost his job, he's earnt just over £1000 each month for the last 10/11 months, will our uc be effected by the benefit cap or do we get a grace period? I'm really confused and trying to work out what's what. Tia

    Shakira hi & welcome to the community

    You would have a 9 month grace period if earnings were above £617+ for the previous 12 consecutive months (a little lower prior to april)

    You may not even be affected by the cap - this would depend on your total benefits

    How much is your total uc prior to any deductions?
    Do you have any children, if so, how many?
    Do you have any pip/dla/carers?


      I've gone back through and he's definitely earnt over £617 each month for the last 12 months. Prior to deductions its £1686.25 with 3 children and no PIP etc

      Thank you !


        Shakira ok - you would have the 9 month grace period if the earnings have been over

        When the cap does kick in if there are no exemptions when the grace period ends then it would be
        £1,686.25 + £212.98 = £1,899.23
        £1,899.23 - £1,666.67 = £232.56 benefit cap

        so your uc would be; £1,453.69 after cap deduction, any other deductions you have would then come off
        then you’d have your £212.98 child benefit also


          Perfect thank you for your help, what a time to lose your job eh 😩 a month before Christmas 😭


            I know - it’s very difficult

            Hopefully something else will come up for him soon 🤞🏻


              Thank you my lovely xx