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    Is the benefit cap correct?

    Just received my first statement after changing to a single claim as partner moved out. I knew I would start getting capped as partner didn't earn enough for past 9 months as only started new job in April after being made redundant last oct.

    Could someone please check if I've been capped correctly as I thought the maximum amount of uc I would receive would be around the £1666 mark and its less than that.

    Han1 Hi the benefit cap includes child benefit

    So the maximum you can receive in uc + cb is £1,666.67

    uc was £1,756.08
    child benefit monthly for 2 children is £152.36

    £1,756.08 + £152.32 = £1,908.40
    £1,908.40 - £1,666.67 = £241.73 benefit cap