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    Childcare Missing

    Hiya my claim dates are 13th-12th of each month, when i recieved my statment on the 13th november my childcare is missing so i sent a message asking for it to be verified and got no reply, i sent another message on the 18th the day before my payment was due and still no one has replied, this is the first time i have used childcare since the begining of the pandemic and even then i had to chase them most months, surely someone should have got back to me by now its infuriating

    JensUk hi & welcome to the community

    Can I check what dates your childcare covered?


      The invoices are dated
      11-17 october
      18-24 october
      ​​​1-7 november
      8-14 november
      for that assesment period


        JensUk fab

        Assuming you pay & get invoices weekly

        If nobody is replying via journal, I would get a complaint raised. This will get picked up & somebody can get it actioned for you with underpayment generated to you


          Kate Lamb yes i try to pay weekly or fortnightly to stay within my claim dates, ive sent a compliant, fingers crossed it doesnt take to long, thank you...


            JensUk I’d give them until Friday morning to reply
            pop a note on journal also under “a payment” & inform them you have raised an official complaint due to lack of communication & awaiting childcare costs

            That might hurry your cm up

            If you haven’t heard anything by Friday, send an email to your local MP raising the issue - they have people within their office who work directly assisting people with dwp issues & can help


              Kate Lamb well wouldnt you know..... left a mesaage last night saying i had made a complaint and recieved a letter an hour ago on my journal saying how much they owe me


                Ah fantastic glad thats sorted for you 😊