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    Childcare costs

    Hi can someone help me please? From July to Auguay AP I had 5 weeks so that's 5 weeks of nursery fees, they only paid me 4 weeks worth? I have questioned them about this but wondered if anyone could work out what this should be. I pay 107.50 a week (1 child) thank you

    missjane94x hi & welcome to the community

    UC is a monthly benefit & childcare is calculated in accordance with your childcare invoice & costs paid & physically used during your ap

    can you show me via your journal the fees you reported & what are your ap dates?


      Hi I'm not sure how to show you do I just screenshot? My ap dates are 14th - 13th so during July- August I used 5 weeks x


        Yes if you click on your journal where it says you reported childcare costsIt will come up with how much you said you paid, when you paid & what dates it covered.
        if you can ss & show me that