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    Confused by UC

    Hi all, i moved over to UC after 17years on TC so finding all confusing... I moved over after being on sick leave gor over 28wks (still off now).

    Work have now let me go due to health as of today.

    My son Has been successful with DLA found out last week. So in January's statement I have the disabled child element and carers element.

    Due to the carer element they've stopped my f2f appointments (I think?)

    Do I still have to look for work?
    I had applied gor a dinner lady job 1-1½hrs a day (not heard anything back.... howeverhot heard anything back.

    I did wonder about lower work capability? I claimed pip and cannot do my old job safely and struggle daily, however a dinner lady roke isn't overly taxing (I've done this role before.

    If I claimed as a carer would they take the 55p off each pound if I had no other income?

    If I don't claim CA would I still get the carers element from UC, also could I then work as a dinner lady without having to lose 55p/£

    Is there a minimum amount of hours you're expected to work?

    Emmie24 hi & welcome to the community

    I’ll bullet point the explanation for you as will be easier in answering your questions

    • if you are a carer in receipt of carers element you have no work/work search commitments so you wont have appointments

    • you can follow the wca process if you wish. If awarded lcw you keep carer element
    if awarded lcwra you lose carer element payment but get £343.63 lcwra
    Neither of these have work search commitments (lcw has work prep but as you’ll still be a carer getting the element you will be fine)

    • if you dont get ca you can still get carer element

    • in terms of earnings deduction the work allowance is based on circumstances on your award. So as you have a child/lcw/lcwra this gives you a work allowance
    if you have rent on award the work allowance is £335
    if you dont have rent the work allowance is £557

    So the sum to calculate any deduction is;

    wage - work allowance = ?
    ? x 0.55 = deduction

    As an example someone earning £500 with a £335 work allowance would do

    £500 - £335 = £165
    £165 x 0.55 = £90.75 deducted from uc for earnings

    • you wont have a minimum amount of hrs to work as you are a carer so no commitments


      Emma, You can only be referred for a work capability assessment to see if your entitled to an extra amount of money for disability, if you are unable to look for or seek work. Regards
      This Is from my work coach.... Would I need to ask for a wca to be completed now they've taken my commitments away?

      Also if I'm not working (Sorry) does the full amount of CA have 55p take off per £

      Thank you for your reply and making it simpler to understand the whole process has caused me so much stress.


        Emmie24 to have a work capability assessment you have to report your health condition & report sick notes to uc

        after 29 days of sick note they should send a uc50 health assessment form which you complete & send back

        The assessment centre would then contact you in due course - some are done quick, others have been waiting 12+ months due to backlogs in the areas due to covid.

        you would continue to report sick notes until a decision has been made

        They can do this regardless of receiving carers element

        Carers allowance is an overlapping benefit so is deducted £4£.
        So you receive £67.60 from carers allowance which is £292.93 a month (67.60 x 52 / 12)

        Uc deduct the £292.93 from your uc.

        You dont lose it, you just get it seperate so your total money is exactly the same just instead of all one payment from uc you’d get some uc + some carers allowance



          I've been handing sick notes in since November (I've been off since March 2021) so should I be asking for the uc50 to be sent out as I've not received anything? Thanks


            Emmie24 if they haven’t sent one then yes I would request one to be sent out

            Just pop a note on your journal to say that under the wca process you should of been sent a health assessment questionnaire by now & can one be sent asap for you


              Originally posted by Emmie24 View Post

              I've been handing sick notes in since November (I've been off since March 2021) so should I be asking for the uc50 to be sent out as I've not received anything? Thanks
              Yes you can ask for this. Can you check that you reported your health condition as one that affects your ability to work?


                Thanks both. I have numerous health issues. Will messaged and request an assessment.

                Really appreciate your help