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    Can someone help please

    Hello I am trying to work out what my entitlement would be I'm getting confused with the calculator.
    I work 24 hours a week earn 820 per month myself and my partner are both over 25 ,my partner is on support group esa he gets 219 every 2 weeks we have 7 children 6 of which were born before 2017 child 1 female, child 2 male 12 , child 3 female 11, child 4 female 10, child 5 female 8 ,child 6 female 5 ,child 7 female 2 I live in a housing association house rent is 127 per week 4 bed thankyou in advance
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    Ceb1990 hi & welcome to the community

    Is it our step by step calculator you have tried using?

    Is there a change happening that is moving you to uc or are you simply wanting to see if you will be better off?


      Hello yes I have tried to calculator I can't seem to understand it my partner currently has he own place and we are moving in together which will trigger the change


        Ceb1990 thats ok, I can assist you with it

        Can I just check a few more details also, does your partner or yourself get pip?
        do any of the children get dla?
        do you have any rent free weeks?
        how often are you paid by employer & how much?


          Yea sure thankyou for your help noone gets pip or dla and no rent free weeks I'm paid 820 every 4 weeks


            Ceb1990 thank you


            joint standard allowance £509.91
            housing £550.33
            children £1,467.90
            LCWRA £343.63
            = £2,871.77

            Deductions for earnings -
            £820 - £335 = £485
            £485 x 0.55 = £266.75

            = £2,605.02 uc payment

            You will have one assessment period a year where you are paid twice in your ap because you are paid 4 weekly meaning 13 wages over 12 months. The deduction for that would be £717.75 leaving £2,154.02
            You will have a lower deduction 11 months of the year compared to someone earning the same salary monthly so that month makes up the difference

            When that will happen will depend on the dates you apply so once you know we can help with working out when & how much to put aside to cover it so you don’t feel like you’re having a huge reduction. Best time to apply is between 2nd-17th of the month

            Is your partners esa income based or new style/contribution based?


              Thankyou so much I'm pretty sure its income based


                If it is income based then that will stop once you both apply for uc but his support group will transition over as lcwra straight away if he applies for uc & lets them close it themselves
                He shouldnt close it himself then apply as that will cause a gap

                If there are any issues with it he just needs to stipulate it should transition under regulation 19 of legislation


                  If he has a health condition he should also look at applying for pip

                  If he is then awarded the daily living component of pip you can add the carer element of £163.73 to your award


                    If his esa happens to be new style then he would continue to receive alongside uc but it would be deducted at the monthly rate - so you wouldnt lose any money you’d just get uc + esa = same amount as uc alone calculated above 😊


                      We are going through a pip appeal atm for him as he has health problems thanks so much for your help


                        No problem at all - hope he is successful with appeal