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    Next payment

    Hi I’m just wondering if someone could work out my next payment off uc my partners wage this month was higher due to a bonus and also who does the £500 work allowance increase apply to?

    Debz evening

    The £500 work allowance increase is spread over the year so if your previous work allowance was £293 it will now be £335
    if it was £515 it will now be £557

    The taper rate has decreased to 55p rather than 63p & all payments from 1st dec onwards will have the new rates

    Wage (after tax/ni/pension) - work allowance = ?
    ? x 0.55 = deduction from uc

    If you need help, I’d need to know details such as if you have children/lcw/lcwra + rent on your award & what the earnings were?


      Hi I’ve tried working it out but not sure if I’ve done it properly,would you be able to do it please x


        Debz of course

        But I would need the details as above;
        do you have children/lcw/lcwra on award & do you rent? What is the earnings?