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    Work and earnings

    I currently have one job, which is paid monthly and paid on the last working day of the month, my wage is 9.63 per hour and I am contracted for 7.5 hours a week
    I am possibly starting another job for 12 hours per week, which is a weekly paid job at 9.38 per hour,
    Can someone please help me work out how much deductions I would have as one job is weekly pay and one job is monthly pay, would universal credit work out the allowance for me

    I am single parent,
    1 child element
    1 disabled child element of 128.
    Carers element

    ​​​​​​​I am aware that I won't be eligible for carers allowance which I get now,

    Also if someone knows how much tax and national insurance deduction would I have
    Housing element
    Please can someone advise me please

    Cathy22 evening

    Congrats on your 2nd job offer

    It’s unlikely you will earn enough to pay any tax/ni - maybe around £1.90 a month ni

    You would have 2 different deductions because of your pay cycle

    On the ap’s where you are paid 4 weeks wage from your weekly paid job you’d have around £763.22 combined earnings (£312.98 from current job & £450.24 from new job)

    £763.22 - £335 = £428.22
    £428.22 x 0.55 = £235.52 deducted from your uc

    on the ap’s where you are paid 5 weeks during those dates (usually happens 4/5 times a yr) you would have total wage of around £875.78

    £875.78 - £335 = £540.78
    £540.78 x 0.55 = £297.43 deducted from your uc

    You’d stop getting carers allowance once your earnings are over the threshold so just ensure you make them aware & ensure it gets fully closed (they have a habit of suspending the claim which uc dont see & then continue deducting)
    Once closed uc will stop deducting ca from your uc. You will still continue getting carers element


      Thank you x