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    Commitment review

    Good afternoon

    Today we received a notification for my partner to attend a commitment review next week

    However we are not sure what its for, he's recently changed jobs, he finished his old Job on the 8th June and started his new job on on 10th June, this is the only change we have done, and the only thing I can think of, but can't understand why he would need to attend given he's jumped straight into another job.

    Can anyone shed any light and what to expect?

    Thank you


    Everyone on UC has a set of commitments they need to stick to and do.

    This meeting will just be to review his commitments, make sure he agrees with them and they are suitable.

    I hope that helps


      Thank you for the reply

      We popped a note on the journal, as he works full time and can't attend the appointment he was given, and could it be changed to a telephone call instead, not had a message back from a work coach, just that the appointment had been cancelled, and there's no to do list now for my partner, what does that mean?