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    Will I be entitled to disabled child element backdated payments

    Last year my daughter's PIP claim was reassessed, and she now gets enhanced daily care rate as of August 2021, myself and my wife are both on universal credit, and we both get carers, as our son gets DLA also, I have only just realised that there are two different rates of the disabled child element on universal credit, and have informed them through the journal, I am wondering if they will backdate the higher rate, or just from when they were informed please, they have said "If you wish to request for back dating you need to advise why you did not report this change at an early date as it may need to be referred to a decision maker." but we were wondering if anyone else has done the same and received backdated payment. Thanks in advance.


    It seems very mixed as to who gets it backdated.
    If you didn't tell them about the new DLA award then they will say you didnt tell them in the relevant AP.

    All you can do is ask them to back date, but its really up to the decision maker with the reason why you didn't.


      Can I add that if a DM refuses to backdate the disabled child element you are able to go to tribunal and I would urge you to do this.