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    I applied to UC yesterday after determining we would be better off. When asked to confirm our identity I was asked to log in to my government gateway account, but it said it could not confirm my identity. I previously received child tax credits.

    My husband opted to confirm his via his payslip and p60, but again couldn’t be confirmed.

    It said they would call us in the next couple of days, but my husband works full time so will likely miss his call. Can he phone them?

    Also does anybody know what I will need to have to confirm my identity? And will it be confirmed over the phone or will I need too go to the job centre?

    Cocomelon morning

    Sometimes the ID verification online doesn’t always work & I believe the gov gateway option has now stopped

    They will likely send an appointment online via the journal for your verifications - if this is unsuitable for your husband then he can let them know & let them know when he is available either for a call or face to face appointment at the local jcp

    If you verify ID via telephone appt they will ask questions only you would know the answer to such as previous addresses, bank accounts etc

    If you are required to attend a face to face appointment you would need either photographic ID such as passport/driving license or birth certificate if you dont have one, utility bill/payslip/gov/dwp letters confirming address. Proof of tenancy agreement if in private rental accommodation
    and proof of bank details either by way of the front page of your statement showing sort code & acc number or your bank card if this contains the info


      That’s great, thank you!