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    £0 from UC please help me


    I’m a single mom of one and I’m a full time student as well, since starting uni last September I’ve gotten £0 from UC when asked why I was told it’s because I’m a student and I’m not entitled to it and I told them I have a daughter and they said they would look into it to adjust payments but I’ve since received £0 monthly. I also receive the maximum student finance as I am not working, im just wondering if I am entitled to receive at least partial payment from UC as I find myself struggling between student finance payments. Can someone please assist me with this.
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    DRobinson25 afternoon

    Could you give me the details of your student finance please?

    I also need the start & end date of your course for the academic year please?

    I can then check the deduction they are making as it does seem very high


      My course runs from Sept 2021 - July 2022


        I get £13,059 in maintenance + the parents allowance I’ve attached a screenshot from my account.
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          DRobinson25 id need to know the exact dates for start & end as it makes a difference depending on your ap dates how many ap’s we divide by.

          what are your uc ap dates (it should say on the top of your statement)


            For the course it’s September 14th 2021 - July 11th 2022. UC is from 13th - 12th and Is paid on the 19th each month


              Fab thank you for the info

              so 13th sep-12th oct first deduction
              13th may-12th june final deduction

              total ap’s 9

              £13,059 - £4,014 = £9,045
              £9,045 / 9 = £1,005
              £1,005 - £110 = £895 student finance deduction for the ap’s above

              UC haven’t taken into account special support element
              They have done;
              £13,059 / 9 = £1,451
              £1,451 - £110 = £1,341 sf deduction

              £1,257.34 uc - £895 sf deduction = £362.34 uc is what you should of been getting

              Would you like me to type something up for you to get this corrected?


                Yes I would love your assistance in getting this resolved. Thank you so much, would I be back paid then for the missed payments?


                  DRobinson25 yes they will go back & ammend statements & generate underpayment to you

                  There is a risk of underpayment going to debt management if you owe anything to dwp but from the looks of your statement theres no other debt coming off your award so it looks like you should be ok - even if it did go to debt management you could call & ask for it to be released to you due to the fact they miscalculated & left you in financial hardship - they would likely release the payment to you

                  Give me a couple of minutes, i’ll type something up for you & give a few other things to do


                    Ok thank you so much 🤗


                      Dear case manager,

                      Upon confirmation of student finance you were informed of my course details & student finance information to make the relevant deductions

                      I have sought advice from Universal Credit Essentials (registration number SC050201) & believe my award to be incorrect due to the student finance deduction

                      Course dates for the academic year Sep 14th 2021-July 11th 2022
                      Ap dates for UC 13th-12th
                      relevant ap’s for deductions sep 13th 2021-12th june 2022 = 9 ap’s

                      maintenance loan of £13,059 of which £4,014 is special support element

                      From the start of student finance deductions you have wrongly calculated;
                      £13,059 / 9 - £110 = £1,341 sf deduction

                      The calculation should be;
                      £13,059 - £4,014 = £9,045
                      £9,045 / 9 = £1,005
                      £1,005 - £110 = £895 sf deduction

                      Meaning I have been underpaid significantly by £362.34 for each relevant ap since my course began

                      This has left me in severe financial hardship & I have no option other than to raise a formal complaint & involve my local MP.

                      I am requesting the calculation is rectified asap & underpayment generated to myself
                      If you are unable to do this please take this as my formal request to send this to a decision maker who can correct this on my account

                      kind regards


                        Copy & paste that into your journal under “a payment”

                        Then raise a complaint via this link below;

                        and a quick email to your local mp who can also assist within their team who have people working directly with dwp

                        it should be sorted pretty quick for you especially as we’ve mentioned mp & complaint.

                        let me know how you get on


                          Thanks a lot for your help I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.


                            Hi Kate,
                            So I got an update from UC they're saying they owe me around £400 in back payment and I’d be entitled to about £100ish monthly. I’m still waiting for the official breakdown of the payments but does that seem right? Here’s the letter they recently sent me.
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                              DRobinson25 no that doesn’t look right

                              Your uc is £1,257.34

                              minus student finance deduction of £895

                              = £362.34 uc payment

                              £362.34 x 3 = £1,087.02 owed

                              They are paying £137.50 for the last 3 ap’s = £412.52

                              Now they have done the letter with amount owed - they will of ammended your statements - can you have a look & see if those statements have changed from £0 & if they have, can you show me them.

                              I’ll have a look & see what they have done