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    How do I calculate my UC for when I am a student please?

    Good Morning,
    I wondered if someone could please help me?
    I've been offered a place at UWE from September, and this morning have spoken to Student Finance to get an idea of what I might be entitled to. I am a single parent and live in a rented property. How do I work out how much UC I will get please?

    Thanks so much, Katie

    Tulip morning & welcome to the community

    UC calculate which student finance is relevant & divide by the ap’s in which the course covers -£110 disregard each month

    We can give you a calculation of the deduction but we would need to know the exact student finance for the academic year, your course start & end dates & your uc ap dates

    I believe uwe is bristol uni is that correct?


      Hi Kate, thank you for your reply. I don't have all of my numbers confirmed yet, I was just trying to get a bit of a feel for it.
      Would you mind doing a calculation for me based on guess work or would you rather I waited until I have confirmed information?

      And yep, it's Bristol.

      Thank you.


        It would be much better to wait for exact figures & dates as they do make a big difference

        I wouldn’t want to tell you an amount & then sf be higher with less ap’s & it be say £400 more deduction a month