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    deduction calculations

    hi, can i check my calculations are correct,
    my ap is 24th to 23rd
    uni dates are 27th Sept to 20th May
    so I believe it's 7 aps as the 24th April to 23rd May won't count,
    my student finance is 9423 with a special support element of 4014, so only 5409 is taken into account
    so for 7 aps, it will be £5409 / 7 which is 772.71 - 110 which is 662.71, so when deducted from 668.47 leaves me with uc paying me £5.76
    and the first payment to be affected will be 30th October one?

    also when and how do I let them know I've started university and my finance details

    Laurajayneb266 your calculation looks correct providing that is the maximum amount of maintenance loan that was available to you to take

    You should let UC know via message on your journal the day/week you start uni

    First deduction will be october 30th uc payment
    final deduction april 30th uc payment


      That's great thanks and yes it is I was fairly sure buy wanted to double check and I will do thanks