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    Lcwra and backpay

    I have been informed that I am entitled to lcwra, my questions are
    1. I’m entitled to back pay will this come to me or go towards debts being recovered?
    2. Is there a way in which I can stop the monies going to debts?
    not to sound cheeky but I have debts here that need sorted a bit more quickly than the ones uc are currently taking off me.
    any help appreciated

    Bugaboo morning & welcome to the community

    If you have any debt with dwp they can send to debt management to recover part/full payment using backpay of lcwra

    Have you had a letter on your journal stating the amount due to you?
    Usually if it is being sent to debt management it will say “as you owe money to dwp we may send part or all of this to debt management”

    If they aren’t sending to debt management it will usually say “we willl pay ££££ into your bank account”

    If they send it to debt management you can contact debt management directly by calling them & request that the money be released to you & explain why you need the money due to financial hardship & essential bills becoming in arrears & they will determine if they will send it over to you without taking for debt


      Hi kate

      many thanks for your reply. Thank you for the help. Haven’t received letter as yet, told that will receive that in a few days as to the actual amount owed, sick notes been going In from Feb last year.
      thank you so much for your help I appreciate it


        Bugaboo no problem